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December 4, 2016 10:30AM

The Silence and the Sound

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The Silence and the Sound

The Silence and the Sound

Make this Christmas more than just another Christmas. We’ve heard the Christmas story told so many times that perhaps it has become just commonplace to us. It holds no special place in our life. We never stop to contemplate the absolute wonder and mystery of why the God of the whole universe would so desire a relationship with us that He would leave the most glorious place imaginable and step into such a lowly place. Not as a conquering hero, stepping in to “save the day”, but He came as a tiny, innocent, vulnerable baby, born in a dingy, dirty cave, meant for animals! The “Silence and the Sound” is more than just a retelling of the Christmas story; it explores the mystery and the majesty of Christ’s birth. It is our hope that you will experience the awe of silence, the humility of Redemption, and the shout of joy during this Christmas season.

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The Cost of Freedom

The Cost of Freedom

Freedom has been implanted in us by our Creator. Unfortunately, there have always been those individuals who want to take that freedom away. Our nation has been blessed with many men and women who are willing to give whatever it takes to preserve our God-given right. Join us as we honor and remember all our patriots of both the past and the present

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